All I want for Christmas is...automation!

All I want for Christmas is ... automation!

No kidding!

This year for me and my company I’d like to have more time, to grow up and not being behind boring and repetitive tasks anymore!


Internet of Things and Robotics are taking giant steps in this sense, so much that it is estimated that in 2020 about 15.4 billion devices will be connected to each other with a consequent and inexorable change in workflows and productivity.


Anticipating this change means positioning yourself better on the market and, why not, also recovering precious time to devote to yourself.


There are several business sectors that can benefit from this important change. Here is an overview of the main ones:


  1. Marketing: the concept of automation in marketing isn’t new. Marketing automation is the use of software to automate processes such as customer segmentation, data integration and campaign management. Marketing automation connects multiple channels including social media, email marketing and content marketing. In particular, it allows to obtain dynamic content based on the user's specific profile, to classify actual and potential customers based on common behaviors, interests and demographic details. Automating can help your company test different variables when sending emails or launching campaigns. One of the main goals of automated marketing is to look at the long term, which means focusing on objectives that go beyond direct sales like retention.
  2. Logistics: When we talk about automation in logistics, we are talking about all the flows that are part of a transport management system (TMS). Consider the automation of logistics such as, for example, the reduction of manual entry of shipments in freight transport or automation of options in procurement. In addition, automation in a TMS allows you to receive notifications and updates in real time.

  3. Sales: in today's hyper-competitive business world, sales automation has become increasingly important. The tools available can eliminate many of the essential manual tasks, but that require a lot of valuable sales time.
    The automation of sales processes offers numerous other advantages. In fact, these systems guarantee companies not to miss out on potential opportunities by managing follow-ups and setting reminders at every stage of the process so that sales managers can concentrate on improving the quality of their interaction with the customer.
  4. Human resources: automating human resources frees human resources workers! This does not mean you do not need it anymore, but rather do your job much more efficiently. For example, instead of having to spend hours or whole days loading wage information, the payroll process can be managed by a platform, instead of typing unscrupulous numbers into the system, you can focus on other tasks that benefit your business, like designing new HR strategies that can guide your company towards the future.

  5. Customer care: technological advances continue to transform customer service interactions. By 2020, experts predict that more than 85% of all customer interactions will be managed without the need for a human agent. From improving brand loyalty and reputation to new revenue streams, the path to real-time self-service customer service offers tremendous opportunities for forward-thinking companies. Systems with integrated artificial intelligence can monitor an almost infinite number of websites and in-app activities for danger indicators, identifying customers who have problems and what these problems are. The system can respond in real time by providing support through frequently asked questions or virtual service agents on platforms and devices.
  6. Administration: the average entrepreneur spends 68.1% of his time in his day-to-day activities and 31.9% works on his goals and business strategy. This means that to increase productivity you have to let go of some of the administrative activities that you regularly deal with. With a bit of strategic thinking and planning, you can easily automate tasks that are repeated throughout the day.
    For example, employees spend 6.3 hours a day checking emails. Let's consider setting up labels, like smart ones in Gmail, that automatically sort emails as soon as they arrive. You can also create email templates and predefined answers for recurring messages. If you're still manually entering payments into your accounting system, it's time to simplify! There are several systems that can handle payments in a single platform.



These are just some of the business areas where automation can really make the difference, but the possibilities of application are really many.

The last frontier in this area are the integration systems that allow the management of various automation and non-automation tools through a single platform.

At GreenVulcano we particularly feel the theme of automation and there are several proposals put in place:


Recently released is Claudio, the first automation tool that allows you to integrate, in a single platform, cloud systems and on premise. Thanks to a very intuitive interface and the variety of catalogs proposed, Claudio is able to automate all business processes allowing you to save valuable time and increase productivity.


Here is a video overview of Claudio


Dear Santa, this year give yourself more time, automate your work and enjoy the holidays.


Oh oh oh!



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