2 December 2022

GreenVulcano, a vision of shared mobility

The concept of shared and sustainable mobility pursued by GreenVulcano aims to improve the quality of the user experience while at the same time implementing services for operators in the sector. 

From Mobility Managers to Car Rental, from Haulers to Logistics Operators, to Fleet Management and Driver Services, GreenVulcano, GreenVulcano, thanks in part to the partnership with the OCTO Connected Circle (OCTO Telematics), brings innovative solutions designed to support sustainable mobility decision makers who want to keep up with the increasingly smart and connected cities of the future. 

The green transition also passes through electric: seamless charging and the automotive market

The year 2022 marked a decisive step change in the automotive sector: global registrations of plug-in rechargeable electric vehicles (BEVs+PHEVs), in fact, increased by 55 percent in May 2022 compared to the same period the previous year. 

The goal, between now and the next 20 years, is to have 600 million electric cars on the road worldwide, in order to be able to keep the average warming of the planet below two degrees, as the Paris climate agreement calls for.

But are we really ready, especially in Italy, to invest massively in the green transition? There is a lot of resistance, especially when it comes to one of the most common and familiar commodities of use, both in private and professional life, such as the automobile. Add to this the discomfort of the motorist struggling with various apps and logins to the charging station. 

At GreenVulcano, we absolutely believe that the main short-term goal for the automotive industry is to make life easier for those who choose electric by avoiding hassle and inconvenience through an integrated and "plug & charge" solution.  

What does seamless charging consist of? GreenVulcano's contribution

Seamless charging is the undisputed star of the white paper prepared by GreenVulcano, in synergy with the OCTO Connected Circle (OCTO Telematics), with the goal of making our daily lives increasingly connected and easy to manage.

As we have seen, more and more people are choosing petrol-free mobility, and this number is set to grow exponentially in the coming years. However, a service that allows the end user to easily take advantage of electrified sustainable mobility does not yet exist. 

This is where seamless charging as envisioned by GreenVulcano comes in. The processes of the various platforms become integrated and unified, regardless of where the motorist is, the brand of his or her car, and the charging station. 

Plug and Charge technology thus helps to achieve a seamless electric vehicle charging experience. At the same time, all procedures, from authentication to payment, become more streamlined, fast and efficient.

GreenVulcano's new web portal for sustainable mobility (and more!)

GreenVulcano has a whole new look: our website is getting a makeover, becoming more and more a gateway to insights, trends and news for corporate stakeholders, new potential customers and the general public who want to stay up-to-date on GreenVulcano-branded innovation and technology.

The biggest impact is in both mobility and automation and cognitive technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning and deep learning.

"Our world is highly dynamic and fast-paced, and our website wants to be too. Change is constant and technologies can help us achieve our goals, innovate our infrastructure and stay ahead of the curve by driving innovation," explains Gaetano Rossi, vice president and general manager of GreenVulcano.


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