24 December 2020


We’re approaching the end of 2020 and as a corporate group, and more importantly a second family, we think it’s important to share with you our exciting vision for next year. 

We’re living in an increasingly digital market, more and more inclined to adopt new technologies and more sustainable methods for the city life. GreenVulcano Technologies has always been on the forefront of what drives the widespread adoption of technologies and lifestyles previously considered avant-garde. Rest assured that we won’t let these new opportunities slip away.

Even the new methodologies of work from home, for instance, were confronted in the best way possible - in line with the innovative disposition of both the company and each of us individually. Our Co-founder Gianfranco, last May, recommended to us 10 ways to feel mentally healthy when working from home during the lockdown. They turned out to be extremely helpful in organizing our working day at home. Keeping us from going crazy!

Maurizio Fiumara, Senior Manager of the group, contributed more than once on the company blog titled dealing with the topic of social recruiting. As a result,we were able to add 25 new colleagues to the team in just the last 18 months.

As a company, we did not hesitate to respond to the emergency by allowing our teams to work from home. I can definitely assert that the work-from-home methodology worked. All our colleagues kept working efficiently and willingly, fully supported by the company board. And this wasn’t restricted to simply working matters. We also organised virtual coffee breaks and periodic meetings where we could discuss various topics and have fun.

A few weeks later Mario Stefanutti, CTO of GreenVulcano Technologies, opened the doors of the R&D lab. He described the collaboration among our colleagues during the end of the first wave, here is how he remembered those moments:

We realized that we’ve been technically ready to change for some years. We have audio/video communication platforms, cooperation tools and adequate, efficient, and mature technological means that play a very important role. Mankind will necessarily make good use of this work-from-home experience. It will become an increasingly important tool in the future even after the emergency.

Looking back, 2020 started off strong with the establishment of the new spin-off Sensoworks, which deals with IoT and infrastructure monitoring. By the end of January, Sensoworks was officially launched and not looking back, as was discussed  on our blog

Sensoworks is the culmination of the many successes we experienced in the field of IoT. This success was the driving force behind the need to create its independence. However it will always contain the DNA of our (growing) family.

As you may also know our second spin-off, Automyo, demonstrates our desire towards experimentation. In this case, distilling the essence of automation and robotics and using it to give birth to our RPA product called Claudio. The timing of this couldn’t be better. 

Among the many successful projects we also wanted to call attention to ePopZeb. This project was developed together with Regione Lazio. It was just recently completed and shown on the virtual screens of this year's virtual Maker Faire conference. Very exciting to see this take place.

Nearing the end of 2020, the topic of sustainable mobility, especially that of micromobility, was a key focus. GreenVulcano Technologies didn’t miss the opportunity to mention its contribution to this topic. The details behind this can be found in our recent press releases, as well as some special  TV appearances by Marco D’Ambrosio, the group’s Business Developer, and Claudio Ortenzi, Senior Analyst.

But if 2021 is the year of mobility, as reported by Mario Stefanutti, we can’t help but to have a special mention of all the fantastic news from the IoT monitoring front. Since May, Sensoworks has had the good fortune of working with Autostrade per l’Italia and Anas for a number of monitoring projects resulting in a real and relevant impact on the national infrastructure. Likewise, Sensoworks has also secured a partnership with Acea, which we’re sure will bring us many, many beautiful updates in the coming year. 

But above all, we have to thank our fantastic team. Without it, we wouldn’t have any of these marvelous victories. 

We aim to increase the number of team building activities in 2021, so as to get to know each other even better and to be closer than ever. If 2020 has taught us anything, it has shown just how much we can give as individuals and as members of a bigger team.

Happy holidays to you and your families from all the GreenVulcano Technologies group.


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