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What’s business automation and why you should automate your business.

In a time where innovations permeate the market at great speed, increasingly revealing the difficulty of the human brain to keep up with the inflow of generated data, is still possible to ignore the need to automate some work activities? Can…
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Cos’è la Business Automation e perché automatizzare le tue attività

In un’era in cui le innovazioni permeano il mercato a grande velocità palesando sempre più la difficoltà del cervello umano di tenere il passo con l’afflusso di dati generati, è ancora possibile ignorare la necessità di automatizzare…

GreenVulcano ESB becomes GAIA: new features and new naming

The GreenVulcano Enterprise Service Bus continues to evolve and this time it does start from the name. GAIA, an ancient term for ultra-modern software. And a thought goes to Asimov and his planet "Gaia": like our ESB, an integrated ecosystem,…
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Applying Industrial Internet Of Things within the industries

WHAT IS THE INDUSTRIAL IOT? To understand what Industrial IoT is, let’s first take a step back and explain  in a nutshell what we mean when we say the “Internet of Things”. In 1999 Kevin Ashton, a researcher at MIT in Boston,…
System Integration ESB GreenVulcano
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Integration evolution: from point-to-point integration to ESB

Nowadays customers have a wide range of computer tools. This great variety of systems, enhanced by the continuous development of increasingly innovative software, makes the process of data synchronization, among  different applications,…
System Integration ESB GreenVulcano
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Integration evolution: dalla point-to-point alla ESB

Al giorno d’oggi i clienti dispongono di una vastissima gamma di strumenti informatici. Questa grande varietà di sistemi, incrementata dal continuo sviluppo di software sempre più innovativi, rende estremamente difficoltoso il processo…