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Automate your messages on LinkedIn in 7 simple steps!

Introduction In this article, you'll find out how I managed to contact 2067 people, open 113 new conversations about our new branded product to test and activated 2 new customers. An activity of this kind usually require a long time…
IOT in healthcare
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3 ways (+1) in which the IOT is revolutionizing healthcare

The Internet of the Things is taking industries by storm. This network of devices combined with their ability to connect and exchange data is proving itself to be a brilliant tool when incorporated into businesses and consumer’s lives alike.…
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The five industries that IOT is changing

IOT, or the Internet of Things, is taking the technology by storm. Technology is everywhere, and the future is digital. The future is more than just technology though, but technology has found its way into so many other aspects. How will the…
internet of things

The future of IoT is written, are you ready?

Today IoT, acronym of Internet of things, is a widely understood concept both between private and enterprise actors. For those that still don’t know the meaning of IoT: IoT comprehend advanced technologies as hardware or platforms, that allows…
internet of things
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All I want for Christmas is ... automation!

Quello che voglio per Natale è... automatizzazione! Non scherzo!  Quest’anno per me e la mia azienda desidero  avere più tempo, crescere e non dovermi più preoccupare di star dietro a task noiosi e ripetitivi!   L’ Internet…
internet of things

All I want for Christmas is...automation!

All I want for Christmas is ... automation! No kidding! This year for me and my company I’d like to have more time, to grow up and not being behind boring and repetitive tasks anymore!   Internet of Things and Robotics are taking…