People before all, for more than twenty years. That’s why we launched #WizardsBehindTheCurtain: to introduce you to the stories and projects of those who work with us every day. Today, it’s Paolo Buccigrossi’s turn, our veteran team leader. He will tell us about his experience in GreenVulcano and what motivates him every day. Let’s get to know him!

  • Let’s start from the beginning: what is it that you do?

I deal with the analysis, development and coordination of teams on projects and customers. I’ve been doing this for 17 years. I also worked on several technologies.

  • What does it mean to coordinate a team on projects and customers in this field? What skills do you believe are fundamental to successfully carry out a project and do this job?

To coordinate a team on projects and customers means to connect with the customers, analyze its requests and translate them into modules that are distributed to all the members of the team – according to their workload and skills. To do this job, you need a strong technical background. I am a technical developer myself. This is the part of the job I like the most. I never gave up being a developer, even if, in time, I had to take on more responsibilities and start managing projects. Last, you need great communication skills to relate to your colleagues and find the best way to create a relationship based on trust and respect.

  • Can you tell us about your experience with SalesForce (since you attended and gave a presentation about this at the internal knowledge transfer & courses)?

I’ve been using Salesforce for the last two years, so as to carry out my activities of analysis, development and team coordination on projects and clients. Moreover, I am also a tutor for a class of colleagues currently learning or that have already adopted this technology into their work.

  • How is being a tutor?Any fun fact… 

I very much enjoy “teaching”. I believe this can be traced back to when I was at university. Back then, I gave private lessons in mathematics and physics to high school students and younger university students. What surprises me every time is how much you can learn from your “students“.

  • What motivates you to do your job every day?

Finding the solution to a problem is what gives me the most satisfaction! Seeing a line of code work as I thought it would gives me the same satisfaction as the first time I developed fully functioning codes. 

  • Any suggestions for those who want to take this career path?

To do so only if you can work on a problem until its resolution, without getting bored. This job is almost impossible if you’re not moved by passion.

  • What does it mean to be passionate about your work for you?

It means working without feeling tired or bored. Of course I don’t mean that it’s always like this. The daily work routine requires tasks that you might not want to do, but the greatest part of the job is curiosity and enthusiasm.

  • Any fun facts about you?

My favorite sports are tennis, swimming and skiing, although lately I’ve had little time to practise. Some time ago I was thinking about the fact that they’re all individual sports… But in my job I always felt more comfortable working with different teams and I found the best way to communicate with everyone.

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