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Used to make a routing mechanism at the level of communication channel, based on some conditions applied to the buffer GVBuffer.

VulCon / GV Console Configuration

During the execution of flows, the operation is seen as a simple enqueue.

The implementation of the routed-enqueue check the conditions and invokes a sub-operations accordingly.

To configure a routed-enqueue is necessary:

  • defining sub-operations: Each sub operation is identified by a unique name within the routed-enqueue. The sub-operation that can be selected are only those of type "enqueue".
  • defining routing conditions: Check the values in GVBuffer fields. Each routing condition has a unique name within the routed-enqueue.
  • associating routing conditions to operations: Sub items VCLRouting associate routing conditions with operations. The evaluation order is defined by the order of items VCLRouting. The sub-operation is performed corresponding to the first condition verified.

The routed-enqueue Element is used by Channel and routed-enqueue. Its attributes are:

Attribute Type Description
type fixed This attribute must assume the value enqueue.
class fixed This attribute must assume the value it.greenvulcano.gvesb.virtual.RoutedEnqueue.
name required Operation name. Used in the 'Flow' section to associate workflow nodes to VCL operations.

Can contain the following subelements:

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