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Developer Studio splah screen

Developer Studio® is an eclipse-based IDE customized to offer a developer the best design interface to create flows into GreenVulcano® ESB.

It is a lightweight application that contains all the features you need to fully master integration workflows. Developer Studio® not only contains the plugins for VulCon®, GreenVulcano® ESB graphical editor, but also many other useful tools for workflow developing, like:

  • BIRT -> report management
  • DROOLS -> business rules management
  • JBPM -> business processes management
  • BPEL -> bpel processes management
  • SOAPUI -> web service test

Developer Studio® is designed for cater to any people that want to use graphic design tools for business uses:

  • Solution Architect
  • Business Manager
  • Analyst
  • Technical Developer


In order to launch Developer Studio® you must accomplish only a requirement:

  • Java JDK SE (v.1.6 or higher) installed on your machine download


Developer Studio® doesn't need installation. Just download it from GreenVulcano® ESB web site download.

After download is finished, choose a path to unpack it.

After the installation is finished, sign up at the following website to get the license in order to use VulCon®.

The received license can be loaded using the procedure described here.


In order to run Developer Studio® choose the file to launch inside the product root directory:

  • DeveloperStudio (Linux platforms)
  • DeveloperStudio.exe (Windows platforms)

Next Steps

If you want to see a detailed step by step installation see Installing Developer Studio.

In order to learn more about GreenVulcano® ESB graphical design tool you can see VulCon® page, providing more informations and examples .

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