The GreenVulcano Technologies group was born in 2001 as a brainchild of Ciro Romano and Gianfranco Iannello, former consultants for major companies, both Italian and foreigner, such as Telecom Italia, BLU e Q8. Their know-how merged into the new reality of GreenVulcano, a brand name decidedly oriented to convey their mission: combining their own 100% Italian origins with all the relevant international experiences they had collected in the IT field.

The company has always been focused on the system integration field and, in the latest years, has directed this expertise toward IoT, a market characterized by an exponential expansion.

GreenVulcano specializes in conceiving and realizing innovative products and solutions, which allow the integration of legacy enterprise systems for strategic sectors such as Automotive, Manifacturing and Health Care.

The term IIoT, that is the Internet of Things for the industrial context, has definitely catched on in the USA during the last three years. In Europe, instead, there’s the tendency to label the phenomenon as Industry 4.0 or Smart Industry. Compared to consumer products, with which it shares the capability to empower the person, IIoT aims at increasing production systems efficiency, reducing the costs associated to the machinery maintenance (up to predicting equipment failure and preventing unscheduled downtime). The person is at the heart of the IIoT architectural revolution: the new technology allows us to improve workers’ security, by sending alerts to the people in charge about whatever malfunction or problem might occur, and by sending specific reports in order to help the management in the most strategic decisions.

Optimizing operational and productive efficiency, IIoT generates an additional growth, improving the competitiveness of the enterprises. Several global economy gurus and executives in the sector see this trend as a natural evolution of the industry, and that’s why quite a few are already mentioning a Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Due to the exponential expansion of the Internet and modern Middleware platforms, the real and virtual worlds are more and more connected. IIoT is capable of utilising the information supplied by hypertechnological sensors, conveying them into Databases (now Clouds), filtering them via advanced algorhythms in otder to obtain useful information for reports and analytics.

In this context, GreenVulcano’s research and development lab is running research projects in partnership with some of the major research institutes and universities, both Italian and American, and it’s currently engaged in several advanced IIot projects, in the fields of safety on the working place, Health Care and smart cities.