PNRR 2022, the Digital Transition according to GreenVulcano

In an increasingly dynamic, fast-paced, and interconnected world, it is crucial to innovate fast and to innovate our infrastructures to keep up with a constantly changing world (and market).

Smart mobility, Smart Infrastructures, Industry 4.0, Hyper Automation, and PNRR are the cornerstones on which GreenVulcano is working, to accompany Italian companies towards the digital transition with methods and technologies that are always on the cutting edge.

What the PNRR provides for the Digital Transition

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), submitted to the EU by the Italian government, has digital transition as one of its objectives. In fact, 27 percent of the allocated funds are dedicated precisely to digital infrastructure and ultra-wideband networks (6.71 million euros), and to the digitization of Public Administration (6.74 billion euros).

The goals of this ambitious initiative, to be achieved by 2026, are basically five:

  1. Increase the use of digital identity for 70 percent of the population
  2. Implement ultrawideband networks for Italian households and businesses
  3. Reach at least 80 percent of public services delivered online
  4. Push 75 percent of Italian PAs to use more cloud services
  5. Closing the digital skills gap so that at least 75 percent of the population is "digitally savvy."

A change that is not only possible but strongly desired: in fact, in September 2022, the Department for Digital Transformation of the Prime Minister's Office allocated an additional 310 million euros for the digitization of public administration, a process aimed at improving the relationship between citizens and PA.

PNRR, what GreenVulcano can do for Digital Transition

With a view to agile digitization, GreenVulcano acts as a partner for companies and public administrations that want to successfully preside over the digital transition. 

Through the management of state-of-the-art Intelligent Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms, artificial intelligence techniques, and thanks to big data analysis, we accompany companies of all sizes in the world of the digital transition.

Digital transformation and artificial intelligence offer us the opportunity for a strong development that will see growth in renewable energy, more sustainable transportation, better "smart" management, and waste recycling. The same acceleration is involving the concept of telematics applied to automotive and fleet management, issues on which GreenVulcan is now focusing its efforts.
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