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JBPM plugin.

VulCon / GV Console Configuration

The jbpm-call Element is used by Channel and routed-call. It has the attributes:

Attribute Type Description
type fixed This attribute must assume the value call.
class fixed This attribute must assume the value it.greenvulcano.gvesb.virtual.jbpm.JbpmCallOperation.
name required Operation name. Used in the Flow section to associate workflow nodes to VCL operations.
operation required operation call invoked. The attribute's admitted values are:
  • startProcess
  • getProcesses
  • getProcess
  • getProcessByName
  • removeProcess
  • abortProcessInstance
  • getProcessInstanceVariables
  • setProcessInstanceVariables

It has the sub-elements:


Its attributes are:

Attribute Type Description
name required Parameter name.
expression required ognl expression.

Might contain the sub-element:

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