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System Requirements

Developer Studio® requires one of the following:

  • Windows 32 or 64 bit
  • Linux 32 or 64 bit

Java Requirements

Developer Studio® requires Java Development Kits (JDK) installed on your system:

  • Java JDK SE (v.1.6 or higher) download


Developer Studio® archive package contains all you need to create and configure your integration business workflows via VulCon®.

It can be downloaded from GreenVulcano® ESB web site download.

Unpack And Launch

  • On your drive, navigate to Developer Studio® .zip file you downloaded.
  • Unzip it everywhere you want.
  • Enter DeveloperStudio folder.
  • Double click Developer Studio® executable file depending on your operating system:
- DeveloperStudio.exe for Windows Systems.
- DeveloperStudio for Linux Systems.
  • Before opening the GUI, Developer Studio® displays a pop-up dialogue to allow you to designate the workspace folder in which will be stored all your project-specific files.

Developer Studio workspace launcher

  • Enter the filepath to the location on your drive in which you want to store your Developer Studio® projects, then click OK.
  • Developer Studio® opens a Welcome Page to help you get started.

Developer Studio first steps

  • Click one of the following links to get starting with Developer Studio®:
- New VulCon Project -> Developer Studio opens a wizard to lead you create a new project.
- Go to VulCon Preference Page -> Developer Studio opens preferences page in which you can manage settings for VulCon® License, VulCon Debugger and HP Systinet.
- Go to Developer Studio -> Developer Studio closes Welcome Page and opens workbench.
  • Click one of the following links to get more informations about Developer Studio® and GreenVulcano® ESB:
- Getting started with Developer Studio -> Developer Studio opens its wiki page on your default browser.
- Learn more about GreenVulcano® ESB -> Developer Studio opens GreenVulcano® ESB wiki home page on your default browser.
- Discover GreenVulcano® ESB -> Developer Studio opens GreenVulcano® ESB home page on your default browser.

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