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Service that allows direct invocation of a GreenVulcano® ESB core flow. It is used by Channel and routed-call.

Its attributes are:

  • type: call.
  • class: it.greenvulcano.gvesb.virtual.core.CoreFlowCall.
  • name: Operation name. Used in the Flow section to associate workflow nodes to VCL operations.
  • flow-service: Name of the service to invoke.
  • flow-system: Name of the service's client.
  • flow-operation: Name of the service's operation.
  • overwrite-sys-svc: If true are overwritten SYSTEM and SERVICE fields of GVBuffer. The default is false.
  • change-log-context: If true log context is updated. The default is false.

GVCore-call plugins allows the following subelements:

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